If you dream big and are set to be a film producer but don’t know how to kick-start then you’re on the right page. Being a producer isn’t a small task.

Producers are confronted with several dramatic, financial, visual, legal, logistical, technical and managerial challenges. To counteract all these challenges you will be taken through various stages of film development such as pitch, treatment, script, talent search, schedule, planning for marketing and distribution and budget. With all these being taught students are geared for real-world film making.

The film production courses in Hyderabad focus on both practical and theoretical knowledge. By the end of the film production course, the candidates get hands-on training on every branch of movie-making, namely: sound recording, lighting, photography, editing, production controlling and so on.

Below are the topics which we will cover in the film production course:

  • Processing and Printing
  • Films for Motion Picture
  • Motion Picture Cameras
  • Film Dimension and Packaging,
  • Various Camera Test
  • Cinema Projection
  • Types of Film Cameras
  • Shooting Format
  • Types of Digital filmmaking
  • Special Cinematography

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