The Vinod Film Academy trains students about film editing courses in Hyderabad that fits all the leading industries such as movies, television and documentaries. The film editing course material makes the learners grip the technology of editing that is very much vital in the post-production.

The course gives students the much-needed hands-on instructions in fundamentals of editing theory & techniques which gives the learners hands-on experience. They are trained to implement the theory into the practical world of film editing. The film editing training course of our academy gives detailed knowledge about the aesthetics and technical principles of the craft.

The course consists of practical exercises thereby gearing up for the real tasks right from the learning days. The course reflects the present professional industry standards for 16 mm, 35 mm and HD workflows. Emphasis is laid on visual storytelling and usage of story, cinematography, performance, frame composition, design and sound to meet the narration and the vision of the director.

The film editing training, Hyderabad focuses on making familiar with the present software’s such as FCP, Adobe Premier Pro, Avid and After Effects

Film Editing Course Curriculum

  • Role of an editor
  • Principles of communication
  • Using the digital editing system
  • Genres and styles
  • Overview of digital post-production
  • Analysis different styles by watching films
  • Basics of linear editing
  • Dramatic continuity
  • Basics of compositing and VFX
  • Composite and component signals
  • Green Screen Techniques
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Filmic rhythm, time and space
  • Video compression and codecs
  • Introduction to production-standards editing packages: FCP X and Soundtrack Pro
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