No movie can reach heights and make wonders without proper cinematography. It sets and backs the complete mood, feel and look of a movie’s visual narration. A perfect visual element on the screen echoes 100 times more than a word or an action. As such, the role of a cinematographer is of paradox importance and you will be trained to excel in the real world of this section under the able guidance of our expert trainers.

You will be trained right from holding the camera to managing the lighting crew in our cinematography courses Hyderabad. After all, a cinematographer is the director of photography and so is essential to know how to handle this important section of film making.

By the end of the cinematography course in Hyderabad, you will know how to create the color, look, lighting and also setting the frame for every single shot. You will technically be trained on how to manage the 21 technical cinematography terms in the real world of films such as Establishing shot, Close-up and so on.

The course includes:

  • Visual storytelling
  • Camera techniques
  • scene composition
  • Lighting methods and techniques,
  • Film crew management
  • Introduction to editing
  • Essentials of film lighting
  • Basics of cinematography and digital cinematography

With this cinematography course material, a student can become real-world ready for many techniques of cinematography such as the camera handling, size of a shot, usage of special effects, camera angle, lighting techniques and aesthetics, movement and shot, sound effects, editing and transitional devices and many more.

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