As part of our aim to be the wholesome school to train enthusiasts who are interested in marking their presence in films and other creative fields Vinod Film Academy also provides in-depth training in dubbing and voiceover.

The dubbing course in Hyderabad trains students in the art of dubbing and Voiceover for movies, television shows, commercials, cartoons, etc. It even trains in providing voice-overs for films, documentaries, ads and so on.

Although underrated dubbing is the life of visual presentations be it cinema or a commercial. However, being a dubbing artist isn’t easy and this is why one needs able training under experts who are present in our academy. Perfect voice and lip-sync with the actor on the scene is the essence of a dubbing artist and we train you for that.

The course includes:

  • Understanding the scene/ script
  • Intonation
  • Voice modulation
  • Pitch
  • Tone and diction
  • Working with the dubbing kit
  • Syncing audio with video
  • Live dubbing sessions in the studio
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