Online Cricket Satta Game

Online Cricket Satta Game – Satta Matka is a very popular form of gambling and betting in India. It’s essentially a lottery, where bettors bet on random numbers in hopes of winning big.

The product has been customized for all “Matka” players and with simple and intuitive gameplay, we believe it will make it easy to attract brand new players.

Online Cricket Satta Game

Online Cricket Satta Game

Matka games and payouts are extremely easy to understand. Check out our comprehensive guide to Jhatka Matka games at Lottoland below.

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In a normal game of Satta Matka, the frequency of draw is 1 hour. Lottóland has reduced this considerably and made a draw every 10 minutes. You can also place bets up to INR 10 per type of bet.

Interestingly, the site contains the names of various cities in India. This is because in the original version of the game, the winning numbers were based on the cotton percentage published in regional newspapers in India.

You can choose the draw in advance. During our review, we were able to pre-select at least 5 draws.

Jhatka Matka offers 7 different betting lines. We recommend trying them all one at a time to understand and master the game. Bet lines available are:

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Each draw has a set of 3-digit numbers drawn randomly twice from the pool.

Now the last digit of this sum will be “Ank”. In the example above, the sum of 1, 0, 0 is 01 – so “1” will be the number for the open diamond.

There is an additional set of numbers drawn in the same manner called “close emeralds” or simply “closed” for reference. It is removed after 15 minutes of removal on an open emerald.

Online Cricket Satta Game

For easy reference, let’s consider these 3 numbers as 4, 5, 6. We also draw the “closed” number in the same way, which in this case would be “5” (the sum of 4, 5, 5 = 15).

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Now when you write the numbers in the abstract, the numbers for both numbers are written in the middle like this:

This is the easiest form of betting on matka games with a payout of 1:10. For every 10 INR bet, you will win 90 INR.

This is a single number choice for “Open”, “Close” or “Both”. Note that if you select “Both”, placing 2 bets will also multiply your stake by two.

When you look at the My Bets section, you can easily check if 2 bets are placed on open numbers (“4” and “8”) and 2 bets are placed on closing numbers (“9” and “8”).

Cricket Online Satta

A pair is a combination of “numbers” drawn from an open pan and a closed pan (open or close). The payout for this is 1:100. The payout is 90 times the original bet. For every INR 10 bet, you will win INR 900.

With that high payout, we generally choose more than one pair for the draw. This can be done by adding multiple betting lines per pair.

Single Panna / Double Panna / Triple Panna (also known as Single Patti / Double Patti / Triple Patti)

Online Cricket Satta Game

This is again a very popular bet, but for advanced players (or those who have a good understanding of the game to know what they are betting on).

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A single diamond is a bet placed on an open or closed for all numbers to be unique. Payout is 1000 INR for every 10 INR deposited! We love the Lottoland Matka interface for this, as it offers all the numbers distributed by different numbers, so you can choose your lucky number while selecting one page.

Just like Single Emerald, Double Emerald depends on your luck to pick 3 numbers that have a pair. (eg 4, 4, 6 or 2, 5, 5). The payout is 2000 INR for every 10 INR deposited – just double that for single pans.

Now comes one of the heavyweight bets. Triple Emerald, as you may have guessed, is betting on open or closed values, all numbers are the same. The payout for this bet is 3 times the double pot. For every INR 10 bet, you stand a chance to win INR 6000

Half merge is your lucky guess which you need to place on open ank or close ank.

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If you are betting on Close Ank – All your open numbers and close ank numbers must match

If you are betting on Open Ank – all your final numbers and open ank must match your selection

You can win 1000 times your original bet amount. For every INR 10 bet, you stand a chance to win INR 10,000

Online Cricket Satta Game

The final bet on the Lottoland matka is the high value Full Confluence bet. In this bet, you have to match all numbers in a row (open and close) to win 12,000 times the original island.

Online Cricket Satta Bazar

All bets placed are placed in your ‘My Bets’ section where you can check if your number has won or not.

To make it big in the online betting world, you need to have a deep understanding of the correct lingo! Let’s look at the basics of betting.

The payout ratio can vary between 9/1 and 999/1, depending on where you play and the selection of games you choose. Obviously, the odds of 999/1 are huge and the result is huge.

While it remains a game of luck and chance, the payout if successful is so attractive that punters will come back and play again and again. It doesn’t take a big bet to win the jackpot.

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In any case, the odds are against the player, which is always the case in the lottery. The possible combinations of numbers that can be drawn are so large as to be incomprehensible.

Also expect to pay a fee for every rupee earned. A matka betting agent also wants to survive and usually takes a 5% cut of your winnings.

This is where we need to get real. You may be searching widely on the internet for reliable tips and tricks on how to work on Satta Matka or its variations. And you will get many assurances and promises.

Online Cricket Satta Game

Usually a ratio of 10% wins to 90% losses is given. That means you have a 10% chance of winning, which isn’t great.

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Also remember that this is a game of chance only. And such things are truly unpredictable, no matter what table you watch and execute, or what strategy you choose to play.

As with all lotteries, if luck is not on your side, you will lose. And luck doesn’t really favor anyone.

So, how can we help you here? Well, we are here to tell you that you should enjoy the game more than any profit motive. Victory is never certain. We cannot predict how many numbers will be drawn next. No one can, and anyone who claims they have a foolproof strategy is trying to fool you. Don’t fall for it.

Instead, play with heart and joy. Gambling of any kind should be considered fun on the side. Keep your bets small to stay within your budget. Play the numbers you love and never chase your losses.

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If you win, great! Enjoy it. Don’t believe in luck. The chances of getting lost are high. Take your winnings, treat yourself and come back to play again.

Finally, learn all the rules for the version you are playing. Knowing a game increases your odds, even if only slightly. However, random betting is unlikely to win you anything. Better to go prepared.

A beloved game of the Indian masses, Satta Matka aka Matka King aka Satta King was invented in the late 1950s.

Online Cricket Satta Game

Satta Matka was once a form of lottery where punters bet on the opening and closing numbers of cotton to be sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

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This game of gambling has its roots in pre-independence India and was then known as Ankada Jugar (“Numbers Gambling”). However, in 1961, the Cotton Exchange in New York suspended the game, forcing bettors to look for alternatives. It was first Ratan Khatri, known as the Matka King, who came up with the idea of ​​betting on the opening and closing rates of fictitious products. After all, you can’t stop the fantasy, right? And the game was not about the price of cotton but the fun of betting on random numbers.

In this new version, where no official numbers could be transmitted by transmitter, random numbers were written on slips of paper placed in a pot (called a matka) and then drawn by a person who read the winning numbers aloud.

Finally the game

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