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Online Cricket Games Play – Cricket is one of the best selling games on the planet. This game is widespread on all continents. It has drawn many fans from Europe to Australia. In some countries people even follow them religiously. Like India and Pakistan. With that in mind, we will talk about a cricket game for mobile phones. Our most popular multiplayer cricket game for Android. Even people who watch a lot of cricket want to play it. Some play on the cricket field and some want to play the game on their devices. Competition is another important factor when it comes to cricket. Contestants are always hungry for victory, whether on the cricket field or on any other device. So, let’s get down to our list of the 12 best multiplayer games for Android.

Real Cricket™ is today’s most popular multiplayer cricket game. This game brings you an exciting cricket match experience. The good news is that Real Cricket is now available for Android devices. This is a real-time multiplayer game. You can play one-on-one. Along with this, you can cooperate and compete against other teams or play against the computer. This is the first time that all mods exist in a multiplayer game. You can also save and share highlights. Ultra edge and snickometry are provided to review all decisions. For the first time ever, the voice of a female commentator is also programmed into the game. So I would consider it as the best multiplayer cricket game for Android.

Online Cricket Games Play

Online Cricket Games Play

Big Bash Cricket is one of the most advanced multiplayer cricket games. The game features real-time graphics with realistic animations. Gameplay has also been improved. Big Bash Cricket is the official game of the Big Bash League. There are multiplayer betting games that can be played by up to 5 players. There are private and public modes. The game consists of 3 styles. Mini Super Over Games, Full BBL Tournaments, Quick Play. So it’s worth a try.

Super Cricket Online

GCL is another great online multiplayer cricket game for Android. The most striking part of this game is its excellent 3D graphics. Animations give you a realistic experience. There is a quick game mode that allows you to play a two-player game. Create a powerful team and challenge your friends for endless fun. The best wifi multiplayer cricket game for Android. There is also a player versus player style where you can play against any player who is currently online. GCL is optimized for live events like IPL, BBL and more.

Stick Cricket is made exclusively for multiplayer gameplay. Speaking of characteristics, each player is given three overs to achieve a standoff on the field. You can play against rival bowlers and whoever scores the most wins the game. There are several stadiums like Dubai and Dharamsala. You can use your Facebook account to play with other players.

Battle of Chepauk 2 is a multiplayer game designed by Nextwave Multimedia. This game is a product of Chennai Super Kings, a team of the famous cricket league IPL. Battle of Chepauk 2 is updated and introduces a new version of the game. The game has several exciting features. There are Super Chase, Super Slog and Super over. It is considered as the best offline multiplayer game for Android. But there is also an online version.

World Cricket Championship is a very famous game on play store. It has more than 10 million downloads. WCC has great features along with simple graphics and animations. It is also the lightest multiplayer cricket game for Android in terms of size, only around 4MB. WCC is a two-player game. You can challenge your friends in any format of the game. So, it is the best game for low specification smartphones.

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Bat Attack Cricket Multiplayer is another great game from Nextwave Multimedia. You can customize your players in the game. There is a multiplayer mode. There are two styles. One is public and the other is private. There is a maximum of 5 overs. The public mode consists of online battles, while the private mode is used to compete against close friends by sharing codes on social websites. So it’s worth a try.

Cricket Multiplayer is a product of Artoon Solutions Private Limited. It is the first live cricket game where you can enjoy bowling and betting in real time. Cricket Multiplayer is said to be the most advanced 3D mobile cricket game. Along with that you can enjoy some of the best batting shots in the game. Lap sweep, helicopter shot, uppercut, reverse scoop, hook shot and more. There are two types of modes in the multiplayer genre. You can login with Facebook to play with your FB friends or you can play with your local friends.

WCB is another two player game on our list. The reason this game is on my list is because of the actual features in it. Likewise, you can see the weather progress throughout the day. The game has several game modes. However, the real-time multiplayer mode is exceptional. For example, there are rain blocking and D/L methods. You can also send emoticons in-game.

Online Cricket Games Play

World of Cricket is another light game on our list. It is only 19 MB in size. The game is highly optimized. The game has many multiplayer modes and features. Along with this are Test Matches, ODI, T-10 and other formats. However, I found out that the game is short in size but still has good graphics. Wi-Fi multiplayer cricket game for Android. There are private and public rooms created via Wi-Fi. Install the game and have fun.

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CricAStics is exclusively designed for those who love 3D graphics. The game also has several modes. Examples include Practice Mode, Arcade Mode, Knockout, Challenge, and more. You can play against players who are online at the time. So you give them a challenge and they have to accept to make the match happen. You must log in with Facebook to play online games.

MS Dhoni is a legend of the Indian national cricket team. A film about his life has been released. Filmmakers made this stuff too. According to MS Dhoni, The Official Cricket Game is one of his favorite cricket multiplayer games for Android. The game’s real-time multiplayer feature lets you buy players at auction. You can also challenge your rivals at any time. Facebook login is required to play online with friends. You can enjoy different formats in this game. Super sixes, T-10, T-20, ODI, champion mode and more. The graphics of the game are amazing. MS Dhoni official game is worth a try.

For people like me, cricket is a passion. It doesn’t matter if we watch it or play it. For cricket lovers, the two are pretty much the same. So, we have compiled a list of the best multiplayer cricket games for Android. My personal favorites on this list are Real Cricket and GCL. Hope you like it too.

Log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. You can log in, close and return to this page. Looking for an immersive arcade cricket game? Then World Cricket Game is almost your only choice. Footwork, shot selection and timing all combine to give you complete control over your hitting. Hit and hope is a last resort. We will show you the best cricket game for your smartphone and you will feel like you are playing cricket on a cricket field.

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Cricket is the most popular game in India. Every day they try cricket games and some people install free online cricket games. You will be happy to know that there are many high quality cricket games for Android mobiles developed by mobile game developers. If you have an Android mobile, you can download and enjoy.

The IPL Cricket T-20 Championship is set to begin in a few months. This blog is useful for users who can’t play outside but can download the realistic Cricket Android game. Cricket game is the most downloaded sports game in Google Play Store.

Software is an Android game company based in Pune. Their games are available in the Google Play Store. World Cricket is a small game and easy to download. You can get new things related to ICC World Cup in this game. It has three levels, Easy, Hard and Medium, and also offers other options such as Quick Play, World Cup, and Challenge. This cricket game has been downloaded more than 1 million times. . During this game we learn the batting order, defense,

Online Cricket Games Play

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