Fun Cricket

Fun Cricket – We cover the history of one of the world’s most loved sports, so read on for 15 fun facts about cricket that might surprise you!

As the second largest sport in the world in terms of number games, cricket has a rich history dating back to the age of 16.

Fun Cricket

Fun Cricket

Did you know that this sport is played in 180 amazing countries around the world? As one of the most popular sports, we have compiled a list of interesting facts about cricket that even the most avid fans may not know!

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We won’t lie, cricket can be a bit complicated if you are new to the sport. Firstly, there are 3 modes – test match cricket, one day cricket and T20 (preferably not to mention the century at this stage).

Then there are the nuances of the rules. For example, there are 10 ways to take down a player, but some of them are rare and haven’t happened in decades.

However, once you understand the games and rules, it’s a beautiful sport that captivates you like few other sports can.

Although Cricket was born in the UK, it has become a global phenomenon. Australia and India are particularly prolific in the major leagues, although England are still holding their ground. It was also once an Olympic sport, but more so later.

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Do you know how long the longest cricket match ever lasted? Or perhaps why is Nelson’s infamous score considered unlucky by players?

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Century. It is currently enjoyed in more than 180 countries worldwide, with around 2.5 billion fans watching or playing the sport. How crazy are these numbers!?

Fun Cricket

It is most popular in India and Pakistan, although England and Australia have two of the most popular teams.

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The three main variations of cricket are played at a competitive level around the world. This is test cricket, one day cricket and T20.

Test matches are the traditional 5-day format. People consider Test match cricket to be the purest form of cricket. That said, T20 is the fastest growing format as matches last only a few hours instead of 5 days.

The biggest event on every cricket fan’s calendar has to be the World Cricket Championship organized by the International Cricket Council.

The event was founded by England, South Africa and Australia and was first held in 1975. It is held every four years, with England winning the trophy in 2019, the last event being held.

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Although it is unthinkable that a gate would consist of less than three stumps, this is the case.

Two stumps were the norm until 1775, when English cricketer Edward ‘Lumpy’ Stevens threw the ball between the two stumps without tripping the willow three times, but the pitcher was ‘ do not go out’. The third stump was introduced shortly after.

Willows, the horizontal pegs on either side of the stump, are seen in almost every cricket match played. However, they are not required in all cases.

Fun Cricket

In the event that strong winds could blow the balls away, the umpire may choose to replace them with heavier balls or remove them altogether for the sake of fairness.

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Although men play cricket in much larger numbers, women have been participating since at least 18

Century. British villages such as Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex even host their own tournaments featuring women, with prizes for the winning team including selected items like beer kegs and gloves lace hand.

The oldest Test cricketer still alive today is Ronald Draper of South Africa, almost 95 years old. He played the Final Test match in 1950.

The oldest cricketer to actively play the game is Wilfred Rhodes, who won 4,000 shots in his career and played his last Test match at age 52, in 1930.

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As one of the fun facts about our cricket is based entirely on superstition, this one is particularly interesting. The Nelson score is a team or player’s 111 points. This is considered unlucky just because the three 1s closely resemble a non-guaranteed target. We just love random cricket events like this!

Although we can trace the origins of the Olympics back to 776 BC, cricket was only introduced in 1900.

Although cricket is such a popular sport, it was only played once at the Olympics in which Great Britain won the gold medal in 1900. There are, however, discussions about bringing cricket back. Olympics at some point in the future.

Fun Cricket

Cricket may last at the best of times, but one particular game has been really successful. In 1939, the match between England and South Africa lasted 14 days, after which the players appeared to have slept for another 14 days.

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Sachin Tendulkar is a legend, commonly known as the ‘Cricket God’. He made his Indian national team debut at the age of 16, and over the course of his extensive career he has amassed more titles and records than you’d like to count.

He is considered one of the best tennis players in history. He is the all-time top scorer in international cricket and the first pitcher to score the century double in one-day international cricket.

Heading occurs when a pitcher throws the ball six times in a row without scoring a goal from the opposing team. Bapu Nadkarni set himself a small record on this front, as he racked up 21 consecutive goals while playing for India in 1964.

We have another fact about more unusual cricket. Australians are considered the luckiest cricketers in the world, with particular attention being paid to Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist.

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The two have won an incredible three ICC Cricket World Cups and ended their careers with an exemplary track record in terms of how long they’ve played.

Times change, and so do the rules of cricket. In fact, since the sport was first founded, every rule is subject to change, except for one thing.

The designated length of the cricket field remains fixed, with the 22 yards decided from the outset still applicable to the modern system of rules today.

Fun Cricket

England vs Australia in the 1956 Ashes, Jim Laker set a record that is still said to be one of the most impressive feats in cricket.

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In a single match, Laker eliminated an incredible 19 Australian cricketers, and to this day he remains the only one to do so in the sport’s illustrious history.

If you’re looking for some recommendations, here are some of our favorite practical books to buy. We use these when we plan quiz nights with family and friends! Cricket is known as a game for gentlemen and is considered one of the most prestigious games in the world. It is cricket that has one of the greatest sports, perhaps second only to football (soccer). We bring you some interesting facts about cricket in a game with rich history of interesting, funny and amazing events in this game.

Honestly, the list of interesting facts about cricket could go on forever, no one ever gets bored reading them. However, what we bring to you is a list of 50 cricket facts that even the biggest self-proclaimed cricket fan doesn’t know.

An amazing fact about cricket comes from the first test match played between India and Pakistan in the series in 1989, 2 players from each side made their debut in the international test format of the game. Salil Ankola and Sachin Tendulkar debuted from India while Shahid Saeed and Waqar Younis debuted from Pakistan.

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All 4 players – Sachin Tendulkar, Salil Ankula, Shahid Saeed and Waqar Younis – debuted together. While 2 of these players have reached their peak, 2 others have completely disappeared.

Both Sachin Tendulkar and Waqar Younis went on to set records. Sachin has scored 15,921 runs in 200 Test matches, which is the highest number for any player to date, while Younis has 373 goals in just 87 games.

Both Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar share the record for most tons scored against England by one/Indian players. Both scored 7 hundred each against England. See why this is a fun fact about cricket

Fun Cricket

However, the similarities don’t end there. The strange thing is that they have the same stats when they score those 7 hundred goals against England. The only difference is the highest score.

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Gatekeepers aside, Muttiah Muralitharan and Mala Jayawardene together become the most successful duo in Test cricket history as we talk about the downfall of the gatekeepers. This means that “c Mahela Jayawardene b Muttiah Muralitharan” has appeared on screen more than any other combination.

The combination together won 77 shots in the Cricket Test. We are sure that this is one of the most unknown facts in cricket.

Muttiah Muralitharan and Mahela Jayawardene are the most successful catchers in Test cricket history. This means that “c Mahela Jayawardene b Muttiah Muralitharan” has occurred 77 times in the history of the Test.

Indian tennis player Suresh Raina has scored 2 T20 centuries on the court

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