Bookies In Cricket

Bookies In Cricket – Cricket gambling boom in India Two bookies were arrested in Bengaluru last week, and police said the operators often drive bettors to despair.

Bookies were busy and doing brisk business as India took on South Africa in the T20I in Bangalore last week.

Bookies In Cricket

Bookies In Cricket

One of them was caught by the police. By the end of the day, the Central Crime Branch seized 41.5 lakh shares and obtained the secrets of other bookies in Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai.

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Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil said that they are keeping a close eye on the betting mafia in Bengaluru. Cricket gambling is illegal in India.

“During the match we took Rs 1.5 lakh from a bookie and on investigation, he took us to another bookie’s house where we got Rs 40 lakh,” said Patil.

Ali, owner of Karnataka Premier League team Belagavi Panthers, was also arrested in a gambling case. In recent weeks, police raided 18 gambling centers across Bengaluru and made arrests. “In one month alone, we have registered five cricket betting cases and recovered Rs 70 lakh. We want to curb this menace as many have lost their hard-earned money and committed suicide,” Patil said. Most scams are now online again, with bookies sitting on their laptops and computers doing business.

They accept bets on all aspects of the match, from how many runs a batsman will score to which team will win. Even small features such as a batsman being out on a particular ball are used for gambling.

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“Bettors use apps like Bet365, Bellplay and Baazi to boost bets. They use fake names and layers of communication to hide their identity,” the official said.

Scammers read profiles on social networking sites before contacting a victim. They then communicate via email and VoIP calls.

“They hide their identities and locations. For example, if they operate from MG Road, they say they are calling you from the United Kingdom. If a face-to-face meeting is required, a gang will meet you.” said the official.

Bookies In Cricket

A police officer said the bettors were mostly between 25 and 40 years of age and fluent in Hindi and English.

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September 23: CCB unearths KPL scam and arrests Belgaum Panthers team owner Ali. He is said to have placed a bet with a bookie in Dubai. He was in touch with players from other teams and police were trying to find out if he had fixed any matches.

March 29: Buki arrested at Lotte Kollahalli, Rs 2.5 lakh and 18 cell phones seized from him.

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But compared to the scale of racing that takes place in the city every time an international cricket match is held anywhere, police said, this is a drop in the ocean.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Alok Kumar has seen full-time bookies in the city. “This is their business and they will do nothing but this. We have information about certain groups and we are tracking them,” he told Metrolife.

It is a legal problem for the police to confiscate all the money and prove that it was used for gambling. It cannot be said that the bet was Rs 70 lakh and only Rs 7,000 was recovered in the raid, the case has become very weak, he said.

Bookies In Cricket

“If you win you can cash the cheque, if not you have to return it,” says Alok Kumar. Today most of the money transactions are done online making it difficult for the police to catch the bettors.

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Alok Kumar urged a review of racing laws. “Gambling is illegal here but other countries are developing it. Legal aspects should be looked at on how to prevent illegal applications,” he said.

Another senior police officer said that it does not matter where the bettors live during phone applications. “They can operate from any part of the world. All they need is a laptop and a mobile phone,” he said. Bettors are generally between the ages of 20 and 40 and moderately educated.

“Most of them are pre-university or undergraduate dropouts and speak English and Hindi, and mostly belong to business families,” the official said. The desire to make quick money drives them into gambling, he said. The racing network is mostly localized but sometimes linked to states.

A senior police officer, who did not want to be named, said that because the investigation did not go well, the bettors and bookies went away. “We seized laptops and mobile phones, but no one tried to find out what information they contained,” he said. He did not deny police complicity. They will get their salary only when they start filing cases,” he said. Seized mobiles and laptops should be sent for forensic examination. None of this is routinely done, he said.

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S Guru Prasanna, Advocate, talks about legal hurdles in book betting. “It’s a multi-faceted perspective. Many people I know bet through the site in the UK. In the jurisdiction, bettors are not under criminal law. Because so many bets are placed online, monitoring and follow-up is not done properly,” he said. Betting is illegal depending on what you are betting on. “Rummy and poker are considered games of skill. Betting on cricket is illegal under Indian law,” he said.

The conviction rate in police cases is very low. It is less than betting and gambling. In cases of murder, rape and theft, the punishments are less due to lack of investigation. Criminal cases require a high standard of proof because guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The accused is acquitted even if there is a one percent chance of being innocent. Most betting takes place on the black market. Only one or two out of a hundred cases will be raided. Again here, if the quality of the evidence is low, as it usually is, it naturally results in an acquittal.

“I have a schedule of all the tournaments anywhere in the world. Bets can go from Rs 500 to Rs 1 lakh for the best tournaments. It depends on how good you are on the network and your gambling skills first,” he told Metrolife.

Bookies In Cricket

Shares are exchanged either in cash or through online exchanges. Online transactions are now in vogue and the police can never catch the bettors, he says.

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“If the money changes hands after the game, then there is suspicion, but if you wait a day or two and change the money, how can the police prove that it was a bet?” he said. “Again, we’re fine.”

Rupesh (name changed) said that he recently bet Rs 1000 and won Rs 3 lakh. “I’m only with close friends I can trust. Good money if you know the tricks,” he said.

A batsman can be anything from which team wins. Even minor aspects of the game, such as a batsman being out on a particular ball, are used for gambling.

Bettors usually choose online sites like Bellplay and BET65. They start with small stake bets and slowly increase the amount when they are fully convinced of how the bet is performing.

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They usually bet with groups of people they know because trust is an important element in making bets. The race will continue until the end of the match. The winner will get a handsome sum of money. The money is not transacted instantly, the bettor waits for a couple of days for the money to be transferred. This is done for the avoidance of doubt.

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Bookies In Cricket

Bookies are excited even after the IPL match

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