Aviator Money Game: A High-stakes Adventure With Big Rewards

Aviator Money Game: A High-stakes Adventure With Big Rewards – Aviator is one of the most popular games for bettors who bet small and win big. The game has a chance to throw some big jackpots, and if you can hold your nerve, you can get a big payout. If you haven’t tried the game yet, we recommend that you check out our Aviator game guide, as in this article we will explore some strategies that we believe work best when playing Aviator on Hollywoodbets or Aviator on Sportingbet. We also looked at a few tips and tricks that The Gambler believes will come in handy when playing Aviator.

We are going to use random numbers when explaining these examples and we are going to use a bet of R100. This technique is pretty straightforward. You wait for 3 blue multipliers to come up in a row (blue multiplier is 1x) and then place 2 bets because it is 60% guaranteed that the blue multiplier will come (blue multiplier is 2x to 10x).

Aviator Money Game: A High-stakes Adventure With Big Rewards

Aviator Money Game: A High-stakes Adventure With Big Rewards

This bet is manual so you have to settle it yourself. When the boat reaches 2.5x, take out the first bet. So you have won R50 and closed two bets. R100 x 2.5x gives you R250 and you spend R200. The gambler will suggest that you should set a target for the second bet. Once you take out the first bet,  you set a target (I will take out the second bet only if it reaches 10x or if I get R1000) this is what is set. This betting strategy takes time and you cannot be distracted.

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The 2 betting strategy is similar to the 2.5 betting strategy, with the main difference being that the selection is a little more conservative and a little safer. You will get a profit in the second stage as the first stage cashout at 2x only covers the round bet. So if you put R100 in each bet and take out the first step at 2x, you only cover your bet to round 2x R100 while your stake is R200 round. The profit will come from the second stage. Most people pay for 3x as this gives you a profit of R100. Additionally, you can decide what your goal should be in each round.

This trick is a go big or a go home trick! It’s good if you get a lot of pink circles in a row, but it can wear you out quickly if there are too many blue circles. Basically, if you lose or the plane rises at 1x to 1.99x then you will double the stake with the next bet. So if you bet R100 on each bet and lose, you need to cover R200 for your previous bet and R200 for this round. So you will now bet R200 per bet on the next round. If you lose again, you have to double again in the next round. You have to spend 4x and more.

For this trick, you should use the auto-play settings. You will automatically withdraw money on 1.10. This strategy is long, but the reward is there. You can make 1 bet or 2 bet. We personally prefer bet 1. So you bet R100 and auto cash out at 1.10x, this means you get a profit of R10 per round which goes up to 1.10x. You will notice that the plane rarely flies 1x. It usually rises at 1.11 and above. You will do this all day and you will be surprised how quickly you earn R1000.

This works best with a 2.5 or 2x strategy. You have to set goals for yourself on a second plan. For example, we will not pay until the plane flies 5x, which means a profit of 500 Ran. Or go 10x and get R1000. Once you practice this strategy and learn the discipline, Aviator becomes a very fun game.

Aviator Money Game: A High Stakes Adventure With Big Rewards

Be aware that it will rise less than 2x… This is a strange thing when you play for a while.

Another problem is stopping the train. You will see that when the orbit starts and the countdown starts, the plane will go down in the air and the countdown stops, but it does not take off. You will notice this while playing. It was a few seconds that just stopped counting. Be aware that the plane will fly much higher with higher acceleration. So be prepared to shell out a little money later because that data can lead to a 10x increase.

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Aviator Money Game: A High-stakes Adventure With Big Rewards

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With that in mind, this guide looks at the best Aviator casino sites in 2023, covering the crypto bonuses they offer and their selection of games. We will also explore the Aviator game in depth, covering how it works and the best strategies used by players.

Similar to the best Mines gambling sites, there are now many sites that offer Aviator because of its popularity. However, through our research and testing, we found that the eight sites listed below stood out from the crowd:

Now let’s take a look at the best websites for Aviator casino games, covering their support fees, crypto bonuses, restrictions and more:

Best Aviator Casino Sites In 2023

The top list of the best places to bet Aviator is Lucky Block Casino. Lucky Block Casino is one of the newest online casinos in the space and comes from the creators of Lucky Block – the largest cryptocurrency growing in early 2022. At its peak, Lucky Block was worth around 1 billion dollars , and the team is now rotating the field around.

At this great Spribe casino, players can participate in more than 2,700 games – most of them from world-class providers such as NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. The Aviator casino game is included in this selection and works as players expect.

The game has the ability to place two simultaneous bets and automatic betting tools. Lucky Block’s Aviator game also boasts an ‘autopayout’ feature that allows players to pay out their stake when the plane reaches a certain amount – ensuring it doesn’t take off before they can manually press a button.

Aviator Money Game: A High-stakes Adventure With Big Rewards

This decentralized gambling site accepts ten cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH and USDT. Users can also fund their account using Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank transfer or credit/debit card. In other words, the minimum deposit limit for Lucky Block Casino is only USD 1 – far below the limit set by other online casinos.

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In addition to traditional games, Lucky Block Casino offers a full game book. This sportsbook offers a range of great sports and has the option of in-play betting. For this reason, Lucky Block has emerged as one of the best sites for crypto betting on the World Cup.

With a large selection of games and user interface, Lucky Block Casino offers a unique welcome bonus. New users will get 15% cashback on net loss for the first seven days of using the platform. This fee can be requested in BTC or USD and is easily available by contacting our customer support team.

Finally, the Lucky Block team is organizing a $10,000 reward for LBLOCK – the original currency of the platform. The only entry requirement is to create a casino account and place a bet. The winner of this LBLOCK award will be announced on December 31st

One of the best Bitcoin gaming websites on offer is BC.Game. BC Gaming is one of the most respected online casinos in the world, boasting classic casino games, lottery games and even a large sports book. The latter is especially interesting since BC.The game offers a variety of sports competitions to win prizes up to $2.1 million.

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Although BC.Game does not offer Aviator directly, it does have its own ‘original’ version of the game. It’s called Limbo and it works exactly like the Aviator slot game. Users can bet and receive payouts based on the amount received by Limbo Rocket.

Like other live Bitcoin casino sites, BC.Game allows deposits in various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH and DOGE. The minimum deposit on BC.Game is only $30 and the platform offers a selection of proven games for those who prefer them.

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Aviator Money Game: A High-stakes Adventure With Big Rewards

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